Will Wahhabis and House of Saud Fight the Next War in Middle East?

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  1. Hezbollah will become active in Lebanon again, provoking Israel into attacking them. That will indirectly help the Syrian Shi’ites to capture more territory.
  2. ISIS and Iran will co-operate to attack the Saudi regime with the help of Qatari regime. It may sound improbable but do not forget that the Iranian clergy has co-operated with the Communists in the past to oust the Shah of Iran, and the Shi’ite Iraqi regime co-operated with the Kurds to oust the ISIS — abandoning them both after achieving their objective. If Saudi Arabia can co-operate with Israel against Iran, anything is possible.
  3. Majority Shi’a community of Eastern Saudi provinces and Bahrain will be more directly supported by Iran. These areas will become prone to insurgency, imperilling the oil wells in these areas.
  4. A pincer will occur — from South and East. The deserts in the North will spawn ISIS Wahhabis who will seek out territory on the Iraq-Jordan border. Iraq will encourage this in a clandestine manner. Kuwait, Jordan, UAE and Oman will stay neutral.
  5. USA will support Saudi Arabia against Iran, and so will Israel. Russia and china will support Iran. India and Pakistan will stay neutral
  6. The fighting will culminate around Hejaz for the control of holy sites of Mecca and Medina. Iran will seek to liberate Hejaz, while Wahhabis will seek to control Nejd through ISIS. A terrible bloodbath will follow. Pakistan will be forced by Saudi Arabia to send its forces to protect the holy places. Iran will attack Pakistan.
  7. Pakistan may be pressured to use the nuclear bomb against Iran under Saudi pressure. But China will not let Pakistan do this.
  8. Middle East will implode. All the Saudi clans will fight each other as they used to do in the medieval past. Arabian desert would lose all its oil wells as the oil trade shifts westwards towards USA, and technology is speeded up to shift all cars to electric batteries.
  9. India and Israel will stay neutral. Israel will seek to finish Hezbollah while India will seek to finish the jihadi groups in Pakistan.
  10. Iran will link up with India and Afghanistan to dismember Pakistan. Balochistan and Pashtunistan could become realities. Pakistan could be reduced to just Punjab. Sind will also become independent.




IAS//DMET//BITS Pilani Open//Fighter of the bigger battles// Curates Jaipur Dialogues// Spirituality// Techie//Ex-Prez, Raj Cricket Asso

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Sanjay Dixit संजय

Sanjay Dixit संजय

IAS//DMET//BITS Pilani Open//Fighter of the bigger battles// Curates Jaipur Dialogues// Spirituality// Techie//Ex-Prez, Raj Cricket Asso

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