When I wrote the famous 2-million view piece ‘WHY INDIA NULLIFYING ARTICLE 370 IS AN EXISTENTIAL ISSUE FOR PAKISTAN — ITS MEDINA PROJECT IS FINISHED’ (https://medium.com/@Sanjay_Dixit/why-india-nullifying-article-370-is-an-existential-issue-for-pakistan-medina-project-is-finished-7ac6ff885d55), I did not think that I would have to write a sequel to it within a few months. That I am writing this to make sense of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 signed into a law by the President of India yesterday is very significant. It means that soon after ending the dream of Pakistan, the new Medina, to reclaim the Mecca — the Hindu India, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have put into a motion a process that has the potential of reversing the process that began the Islamisation of the Indian sub-continent. the Mulla-Maulana and the Islamist element within India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh understands it, and that is why it is reacting to it as another existential issue that has hit them soon after the only remaining vestige of the 2-Nation theory, Article 370, had been taken away.

The starting point of Pakistan, and indeed even the plan for conquest of Europe, is the firmly ingrained Shari’a belief that the Day of Last Judgment shall not dawn until the whole earth has embraced Islam. (The theology is extensively referred in this fictional piece: Dabiq). Islamisation of the world’s historically two most populous areas, India and China, are therefore the key to fulfilment of this theologically ordained desire in every Muslim. Ummat (Umma’h in Arabic), also called millat in Urdu, or the community of believers, is the instrument through which this objective has to be achieved, and da’wa and jihad are the physical tactics that the ummat/millat is obliged to employ towards this civilisational objective. Every part of the spectrum, from the Sufi to Wahhabi, employs these tactics, either with music or without it.

The great nationalist and Islamic scholar, Dr. Abul Kalam Azad, stated the following in his address at Kolkata on 27th October 1914: “This biradari (community of Muslims) has been established by God…All relationships in the world can break down but this relationship can never be severed. It is possible a father turns against his son, not impossible that a mother separates her child from her lap, it is possible that one brother becomes the enemy of other brother…But the relationship that a Chinese Muslim has with an African Muslim, an Arab bedouin has with the Tatar shepherd, and which binds in one soul a neo-Muslim of India with the right-descendant Qureshi of Mecca, there is no power on earth to break it, to cut off this chain…”

Maulana Azad then went on to say: “If even a grain of the soul of Islam is alive among its followers, then I should say that if a thorn gets stuck in a Turk’s sole in the battlefield of war, then I swear by the God of Islam, no Muslim of India can be a Muslim until he feels that prick in his heart instead of sole because the Millat-e-Islam (the global Muslim community) is a single body.”

He went on to add: “Today, if it is asked, where to search for life of nations and evidence of life, then its answer will not come from universities of education and arts, and ancient libraries… Rather, it will be found in the metalled (war) ships which line up the coast…”

An excellent thread by @KirtivardhanD on Twitter captures the views of all comers — from the sajjada nashin of Dargah of Ajmer Moin-ud-din-Chishti, to the Barelvis (who shepherded Jinnah towards both a physical and a mental separation), and the Deobandis and Jamaat-e-Islami of Abul Ala Maudoodi (who preferred only a mental separation in order to ultimately convert the entire land to Islam): https://twitter.com/KirtivardhanD/status/1205338372228579329?s=20

The long and short of it is that the Islamic laity is bound to the views of its ulama, the superior clerics, under the rules of what is known as Taqlid. Taqlid enjoins that laity is not supposed to use its own reason (aql) and is just supposed to imitate the authorised clerics. The clerics are bound to the Shari’a and the obligation to convert the whole earth to Islam. After all, how would they go to Jannat if the Day of Last Judgment keeps getting indefinitely postponed because they are not able to do the bidding of Allah. This is a disaster no Muslim can possibly contemplate.

The peace of Islam is not the peace of an English dictionary, or shanti of a Sanskrit dictionary. It simply means that a non-believer is allowed to survive if he allows himself to be fully subjugated by Islam and its followers, and submits to any and every demand of its followers. The code of Shah-e-Hamadan (as popularised by his disciples), the second Sufi to visit the vale of Kashmir after Bulbul Shah, makes it clear:

  • The Muslim ruler shall not allow fresh constructions of Hindu temples and shrines.
  • No repairs to the existing Hindu temples and shrines shall be allowed.
  • Hindus shall not use Muslim names.
  • They shall not ride a harnessed horse.
  • They shall not move about with arms.
  • They shall not wear rings with diamonds.
  • They shall not deal in or eat bacon.
  • They shall not exhibit idolatrous images.
  • They shall not build houses in neighborhoods of Muslims.
  • They shall not dispose of their dead near Muslim graveyards, nor weep nor wail over their dead.
  • They shall not deal in or buy Muslim slaves.
  • No Muslim traveler shall be refused lodging in the Hindu temples and shrines where he shall be treated as a guest for three days by non-Muslims.
  • No non-Muslim shall act as a spy in the Muslim state.
  • No problem shall be created for those non-Muslims who, on their own will, show their readiness for Islam.
  • Non-Muslims shall honor Muslims and shall leave their assembly whenever the Muslims enter the premises.
  • The dress of non-Muslims shall be different from that of Muslims to distinguish themselves.

Based on this, Jinnah and his supporters from the Communist Party of India initially worked on a plan of dividing India into Pakistan and 17 other countries, which they would later occupy by force by dint of force and its superior Army. The map of Rehmat Ali featured above was based on this premise. However, British were not ready to go as far as this.

Left with the moth-eaten option, Jinnah and his followers convinced the Muslims of India — in every nook and corner — that a separate Pakistan was just a temporary hijrat (exile) into a Medina, where the believers will gather strength, and then in the manner of their Prophet, reconquer the Mecca of mainland India. So they set about to accomplish their task with a single minded passion by either by driving away most of the non-Muslim population out of the territories they had occupied, or by forcibly converting them. When the international uproar became too much, and Indians started retaliating, a pact known as the Delhi Pact, or the Nehru-Liaquat Act was signed on April 8, 1950 to mutually protect the minorities in both countries. Using this as an excuse, Pakistan stopped taking in any more Muslims from India in 1951, leaving nearly 9% population of Muslims in India, even as they had reduced non-Muslims in West Pakistan to less than 4%. The Pact was hailed as the new ‘Treaty of Hudaibiyah’ by the new Medina. The Quranic imagery was played out in full measure, leaving only the task of reconquering the Mecca that the believers had temporarily left.

This background is necessary to understand the handicap that a non-Muslim is bound to suffer in an Islamic State, due to which the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, covers these three neighbours exclusively. It should also be remembered very clearly that the undivided India was split into a Muslim and a non-Muslim State (and not into Muslim and Hindu) according to the Mountbatten Plan of 3rd June 1947, as signed by both Congress and Muslim League, and announced the same day in the British Parliament by the Prime Minister Clement Attlee the same day. The Indian Independence Act, 1947, as approved by the King on 18th July 1947, accordingly clear provisions for splitting India into majority Muslim and non-Muslim districts on the basis of 1941 Census. It is, therefore, disingenuous to quibble about why non-Muslims are the target of this 2019 Act.

What this Act does is to clearly recognise the Medina-Hudaibiyah-Mecca route of the Islamic Ummat/Millat and places a sword through it. The additional problem of the whole plot coming into bold relief in this information age is even more stark. What it also does is to energise the nascent Hindu renaissance by bringing into their ken the real history of partition, the real intent of the Medina project, and to wear off the anaesthesia applied to the still open wounds by a deliberately distorted Leftist history. The distress among the Islamists is palpable. Pakistan sounding even more distressed than at the time of nullification of Article 370 is because it can clearly see that while the nullification of Art. 370 meant a termination of the Medina Project, this new 2019 Act means a reversal, in which Mecca is coming for Medina, instead of a mere status quo. Dr. Ambedkar had famously said in his book ‘Pakistan and the Partition of India’ that Muslim politics is like Gangsters’ politics, in which they make more and more unreasonable demands, use riots as a tactic in the overall strategy, while playing victim all the while. The present Government seems to have called this bluff. This must be bad news for Islamists as both Britain and the secularists had played along with this brand of Jinnah’s politics, conceding almost everything. Only Patel and Shyama Prasad Mookerjee stood between the Islamists and total surrender. Only Gopal Patha of Calcutta and the Sikhs stood between Islamists and total annihilation of non-Muslims in Pakistan.

While the above is the casus belli for the Islamists, Ummat and Millat, the pain of the secularists is purely from the point of view of electoral considerations. BJP had got 37.76% votes in 2019 General Elections by itself, and 22.9 crore votes, and over 45% vote for the NDA. First, if the secular parties are not able to protect the fortress Medina, the Islamic vote would gravitate to a more militant Islamic outfit, in the manner it shifted between 1937 and 1946. However, there is no Britain to aid them and no situation like one third of Army being Muslim exists today, as it existed in 1947. Second, the freshly added voters, particularly in Bengal and Assam, have the potential of taking the BJP vote share beyond 40%, and NDA vote share close to 50%, making it virtually invincible for many years to come. Hence the life and death kind of noise and attempts at mayhem.

In the 72 years since independence, this appears to be one great opportunity that has been taken by the ruling dispensation, unlike the many missed opportunities of the past.

Never was the ideological assault on the Islamic Project of New Medina more remorseless! Pakistan is bound to feel absolutely distressed.




IAS//DMET//BITS Pilani Open//Fighter of the bigger battles// Curates Jaipur Dialogues// Spirituality// Techie//Ex-Prez, Raj Cricket Asso

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Sanjay Dixit संजय

Sanjay Dixit संजय

IAS//DMET//BITS Pilani Open//Fighter of the bigger battles// Curates Jaipur Dialogues// Spirituality// Techie//Ex-Prez, Raj Cricket Asso

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